Vivai OnlyMoso di Fabrizio Pecci, Bamboo and Environment
Vivai OnlyMoso di Fabrizio Pecci, Bamboo and Environment

Vivai OnlyMoso di Fabrizio Pecci, Bamboo and Environment

Bamboo and Environment


The most relevant advantage for our ecosystem with the cultivation of bamboo is given by the ability to absorb CO2.

From this premise, we started 2 years to create the new company of the group: BambooPro.
BambooPro is a company belonging to the Bambù Italia Consortium which carries out Italian Environmental

Projects for the capture of Carbon Dioxide

The projects promoted by BambooPro are realized through the creation of bamboo plantations (Bambuseti) present in Italy and France.

Why Bamboo?

Primarily for its great ability to absorb CO2; in fact, 1 hectare of bamboo absorbs a quantity of CO2 16 times greater than a traditional forest (this figure was provided thanks to a study conducted by a leading Italian university in the scientific field, the Politecnico di Milano).

How does the BambooPro Project work?

A company that adheres to BambooPro purchases tons of certified CO2 captured thanks to the Environmental Projects carried out with Italian bamboo trees. The digital document that certifies the number of tons purchased is the Token, which is issued and registered via the BlockChain platform to allow total transparency and traceability of each individual project. The Tokens purchased, in addition to the number of tons of CO2, also contain a unique code and a location code of the plantation from which the capture is carried out.

The calculation of the CO2 absorbed by each BambooPro Environmental Project was carried out, with an accurate and authoritative method, by an Italian university of primary level in the scientific and technological sectors. This university developed a study, which lasted about a year, through research activities carried out directly in the OnlyMoso plantations in Italy which, together with the analysis of the pre-existing scientific literature, made it possible to produce a scientific calculation algorithm to estimate the real tons of CO2 captured from each individual project.

Each Bambuseto is supervised by the international certification body RINA which verifies the exact location and the adequate management and care of the same by the farmer, giving the green light to record the monitored activity in the Blockchain. BambooPro condemns the now too widespread practices of Greenwashing: the tendency of many companies to proclaim themselves environmentally sensitive only through marketing concepts that recall eco- sustainability. BambooPro Environmental Projects are reliable, verifiable and formulated with a solid basis of scientific calculation.

The credibility of BambooPro is also ensured by the patronage received from the most important Italian environmental association, Legambiente, through LAIQ. In addition to the absorption of CO2, bamboo cultivations produce other positive effects for the environment: – Retain fine dust thanks to the thick evergreen leaves.

– Increased production and introduction of oxygen into the air.
– Climate mitigation
– Purification of polluted land and regeneration of land depleted and parched by decades of agriculture – Greening and landscape improvement of the territory
– Protection of sedentary and migratory wildlife
– Creation of real windbreak barriers