Revolutionizing bicycle design
Revolutionizing bicycle design

Revolutionizing bicycle design

Michael is revolutionizing the industry by crafting bikes using laminated bamboo—a departure from the conventional approach. While bamboo has been a staple in bike manufacturing since the 1800s, Michael’s innovative method sets Tri-Sept apart.

“I use bamboo like what’s used for floors and kitchen tops,” Michael explains. His process involves acquiring 5mm bamboo veneers, and bonding them together to form a robust 8ft x 4ft board (sufficient material for 2 bike frames). This 25mm board becomes the foundation for crafting a bike frame that defies traditional norms.

The uniqueness of Michael’s approach lies in the use of laminated bamboo veneers instead of the more common bamboo tubes. Tri-Sept’s manufacturing process includes precision cutting of the frame, LH/RH sides, and the seat and chain stays (2 pieces) using a CNC machine programmed to exact specifications.

The resulting frame comprises four pieces, skillfully bonded to create three joints, with an impressive start-to-finish assembly time of just 18 hours. This stands in stark contrast to the traditional bamboo-tubed frame, which typically demands around 40 hours of labor and features nine joints.

Tri-Sept’s laminated design transcends efficiency; it delivers a monocoque construction that not only ensures strength and stability but also guarantees a quiet and true ride. The company is set to showcase the Laminated Bamboo Framed bicycle at the European Bamboo Exhibition, providing a firsthand look at the future of bicycle design. The display will include construction drawings and photographs, offering a glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship behind each bike.

For those inspired to join the revolution, Tri-Sept is making Michael’s innovative vision accessible by providing drawings and assembly instructions at a small cost. This enables individuals or companies to embark on the journey of manufacturing the unique bicycle in their country, utilizing locally sourced laminated bamboo.

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