KuNa – Bamboo Homes for Everyone
KuNa – Bamboo Homes for Everyone

KuNa – Bamboo Homes for Everyone

Over 66 million families in Latin America are homeless or live in inadequate shelters.

KuNa, in Mayan Yucatec “House of Nature,” is a bamboo housing solution with a mission to provide communities access to affordable, biobased, and resilient building solutions.

Following hurricanes ETA and IOTA, the NGO Casa Congo led an alliance of public and private stakeholders and built the first 21 KuNa units for disadvantaged families in El Astillero, Nicaragua. What makes the KuNa model innovative is the use of the Bamboo-Adobe Panel System (BAPS), allowing a 50sqm home to be prefabricated, installed, and finished in less than a week.

Nicholas Kaspareck, co-founder & CEO of Casa Congo, will share a presentation on the technical, social, and financial aspects of the KuNa case study and demonstrate how bamboo can be a scalable building solution that fosters circular economies and restores nature. A key part of the presentation will focus on the development of the local bamboo supply chain, which includes introducing Guadua bamboo to the local building code, establishing infrastructure, and training community capabilities from farm to wall.

KuNa has won a prize for Architecture in Development’s 2022 Global Challenge and is currently in the semifinals for Built by Nature’s 2024 prize. With a growing presence in Nicaragua and 2 new projects in Mexico and Mozambique, Casa Congo’s vision is to scale KuNa to more underserved communities who live in proximity to land where bamboo grows.

Join this discussion to find out more about the KuNa methodology and how we can work together to build bamboo homes and economies for everyone.

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