The company BambooBuilds was founded in 2022 out of a great passion for bamboo by me, Melvin Kolk. This passion started when I was looking for alternative environmentally friendly building materials after graduating as a architectural engineer. On the internet I found impressive buildings in Bali that were made entirely of… Yes, bamboo! 

I was so impressed that I immediately wanted to know everything about it. I have even traveled to Indonesia a couple of times to admire the bamboo buildings, this natural grass species in nature and to learn as much as possible. I was amazed! I also attended various workshops from local Balinese people who taught me how to make interesting, strong connections with bamboo. See image below. 

Upon returning to the Netherlands it turned out that bamboo is an unpopular material to build with while this should actually be happening. Especially now that the demand for sustainable building materials continues to rise! As you might know, bamboo stems are ready to be harvested and used as a construction material within 4 years of growing. And that’s not all… Bamboo is also stronger than wood and absorbs much more CO2 from the air! 

To inspire others about the possibilities with bamboo, I started BambooBuilds and began making bamboo furniture pieces for customers. I even designed and built a bamboo pergola in my own backyard! Together with Britt van Steen, with her professional skills in creating a valuable online presence, we created “The BambooBuilders Academy”. An online bamboo course in which I share my experiences and knowledge about bamboo with as many people as possible and even teach them to build with it! We are convinced that anyone can build with bamboo, and it is also much better for the climate! 

Our goal with BambooBuilds and The BambooBuilders Academy is to teach as many people as possible about bamboo as a plant, as a building material, but also how you can build and design with it yourself. Bamboo is the material of the future and sooner or later we all have to build more with it! 

The reason we participate at the European Bamboo Expo is because the lack of knowledge about bamboo is not only an issue in the Netherlands, but throughout Europe. It is time for change here. In addition, we want to come into more contact with other bamboo companies/enthousiasts to exchange knowledge and help each other in our bamboo missions! We would also like to showcase some of our unique bamboo furniture designs to inspire others. In our opinion, the European Bamboo Expo is the perfect opportunity for us to help pursuing our goals!

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