European Bamboo Expo 2023
Speakers / Schedule

Speakers / Schedule

Entrance opens at 9:30 am on both days. The speaker’s program starts on both days promptly at 10 am. See you there!

Friday, June 2, 2023

Topic 1. (10.00 – 12.15) Together! The future lies in collaboration REGISTER HERE

At AFIZ (Academy for International Cooperation e.V.), we believe that more awareness, more connection and more collaboration can make a difference! But how and why should we work together across five continents? Doesn’t it make more sense if everyone thinks of themselves first? And what does Europe have to do with bamboo? Is Europe a natural habitat for the giant grass? What can a good cooperation look like and what could be the next steps? And what use is an international competition and exhibition about grasses?

10.00 - 10.05: Ulla Schuch, AFIZ, Academy for International Cooperation: Welcoming words

10.05 - 10.20: Iraklis Kalamenios & Andrés Bäppler: Goals and motivation for the European Bamboo Expo

10.20 - 10.50: Dr. Hans FriederichCo-owner of BambooLogic: Bamboo in Europe, the next steps READ MORE

10.50 - 11.10: Lorena NolteArchitect: A global vision of the positioning of bamboo in Latin America and Europe READ MORE

11.10 - 11.30: Dominique Gauzin-Müller, Architect: BAMBOO ARCHITECTURES OF TODAY

Inspiring examples of FIBRA and TERRA+FIBRA Award READ MORE

11.30: Panel discussion

Topic 2. (12.30 – 02.45) Bamboo forest! The world is becoming greener and fairer REGISTER HERE

What are the effects of reforestation with bamboo? Who and where and how is already reforesting bamboo? Are there actually countries that digitally document every bamboo afforestation? What is the development status of young plant rearing and planting? And what effects does farming with bamboo have on social life and housing?

12.30 - 12.55: Mrs.Caroline Kariuki, Founder and CEO, GreenPot Enterprises Limited, Nairobi, Kenya: 

Realizing the potential of bamboo resources: contribution of Bamboo Green Pot Enterprises in Kenya READ MORE

12.55 - 13.20: Mr. Thomas Quirynen, Founder and CEO, Bamboo Uganda Limited, Kampala, Uganda: 

A step toward realizing the potential of bamboo resources: The Bamboo Uganda Limited READ MORE

13.20 - 13.50: Juan Pablo Martínez MansillaWübu-PermaGuate:

Sustainable rural development and climate action with bamboo READ MORE

13.50 - 14.20: Johan Gielis, engineer, scientist, mathematician, and entrepreneur: 

Revisiting Bamboo for Europe READ MORE

14.20 - 14.30: Iraklis Kalamenios, Bamboogreece: The milestones of the bamboo research center in Greece.

14.30: Panel discussion

Topic 3. (15.00 – 17.00) Εco booster! Bamboo as a climate saver and CO2 killer REGISTER HERE

What is the CO2 comparison between bamboo and common timber? What makes bamboo a CO2 killer and climate saver? Should the bamboo stay where it naturally grows? What is the ecological footprint of bamboo in Europe? How can bamboo be used in the construction industry? How can an educational institution strategically contribute to rethinking?

15.00 - 15.15: Jaouad Talbi, Energy and sustainability consultant:

Sustainability of bamboo as a future construction material. READ MORE

15.15 - 15.45: Sanne Eekel and Robert van Kats, bkvv architects: Working with bamboo in Uganda. READ MORE

15.45 - 16.15: Paulino Botao, Environment, and sustainable development consultant:

Plant bamboo & save the planet. Bamboo as a strategic solution in climate change mitigation and sustainable development. READ MORE

16.15 - 16.45: Vivai OnlyMoso di Fabrizio Pecci: Bamboo and Environment. READ MORE

16.45: Panel discussion

Topic 4. (17.30 – 19.40) Innovation with bamboo! The future has begun REGISTER HERE

Can you make more out of bamboo than breakfast boards and socks? Where in the world and how does bamboo accompany everyday life? Has bamboo arrived in interior design and trade fair construction? How can bamboo be used structurally for large spans? Bamboo and concrete – do they get along? What do the building standards in Germany say about building with bamboo?

17.30 - 17.50: Vincent Awotwe-Pratt, ABC Ghana, Advocates for Biodiversity Conservation:

Bamboo Training Center in Ghana. READ MORE

17.50 - 18.20: Dr. Shao ChangZhuan, Architect: Bamboo – An Asian Solution to Climate Change. READ MORE

18.20 - 18.35: Joscha Stahl, Bachelor-Thesis: Concrete with bamboo reinforcement. READ MORE

18.35 - 18.50: Jana Skokan – Co-founder & Director – frogeex: Green Tech Marketplace, Switzerland

18.50 - 19.05: Andres Cordoba Tejada from Löffler Schmeling Klimagerechte Architektur:

Sustainable Building and Bamboo Application. READ MORE

19.05 - 19.25: Luisa Molari, Associate Professor Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering.

Italian bamboo for innovative structural applications: research conducted at the University of Bologna READ MORE

19.25 PM: Panel discussion

20.00 - 21.30: Music concert with Stepanie Bosch and Hindol Dep READ MORE

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Topic 5. (10.00 – 12.00) Architecture with bamboo. built realities REGISTER HERE

Building a new village in a disaster area in a week – nonsense or an example for the world? What do you build with bamboo in Europe? Climate-smart building with bamboo, how does it work? How are bamboo schools built?

10.00 - 10.20: Maria Cristina Latorre & Manuel Pallares Building with bamboo for catastrophe regions in Ecuador. SEE VIDEO

10.20 - 10.50: Mauricio Cardenas Laverde, Italian Design Ambassador 2020 Architect – Founder, Studio Cardenas Conscious Design: European Bamboo Architecture, in Europe and from Europe. READ MORE

10.50 - 11.20: Tono Aguilar, CASSA Central America: Building a climate-smart 21st-century with bamboo. READ MORE

11.20 - 11.50: Andrés Bäppler, Honorary BDA Architect: Building with bamboo. Between tradition and high-tech. READ MORE

11.50: Panel discussion

Topic 6. (12.30 – 14.30) World Knowledge Bamboo! learning and teaching REGISTER HERE

Where do we learn to integrate bamboo into our construction methods? What does Wiesbaden have to do with Ghana? What does Kaiserslautern or Zurich want in the Philippines? What do Altmünster and Linz want with bamboo? Can you learn about bamboo near Freiburg and go for a walk in the bamboo forest? Who wants to digitize and multiply their knowledge about bamboo?

12.30 - 12.50: Sascha Luippold, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Department of Climate-Friendly Building:

Bamboo Training Center in Ghana. READ MORE

12.50 - 13.10: Sarah Rust, Student / University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern:

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY | Community Centre in the Philippines. READ MORE

13.10 - 13.30: Dr. Edwin Zea, Senior Assistant at the Chair for Sustainable Construction ETH Zürich in Switzerland:

Carbon offsetting potential of bamboo-based construction. READ MORE

13.30 - 13.50: Marta Rota, BASEhabitat, University of Art and Design Linz, Department of Architecture:

BASEhabitat teaching between university and construction site. READ MORE

13.50 - 14.00: Ulla Schuch & Silvia Streifel

Deutsche Gartenakademie, Grüner geht immer. Online-Courses. Multiply Your knowledge.

14.20: Panel discussion

Topic 7. (15.00 – 17.00) Green money! Business models around bamboo REGISTER HERE

Can you make a living from a bamboo business? How do CO2 certificates work? How to promote the cultivation of bamboo? Which agricultural products help the farmer and the environment? What is a business model for fighting poverty supposed to be? Unleashing Australia’s bamboo potential – a sci-fi movie title or reality? Is it true that there are 1000 bamboo farmers organized in Europe? Who benefits from a green tech marketplace from Switzerland?

15.00 - 15.30: Vivai OnlyMoso di Fabrizio Pecci: Italian Bamboo Consortium. READ MORE

15.30 - 15.50: Fred Hornaday, Bamboo Consultant: Tropical bamboo and biochar for climate relief and economic stimulus in the Global South. READ MORE

15.50 - 16.15: Jennifer Snyders, BScArch and Chief Executive Officer of House of Bamboo: The Story from Down Under: Unleashing Australia’s Bamboo Potential. READ MORE

16.10 - 16.30: Mesa Sectorial Cadena de la Guadua

16.30 - 17.00: Kjell Tahon, Co-owner of BambooLogic: European Low footprint bamboo, good for agriculture, climate, and economy READ MORE

17.00: Panel discussion

Topic 8. (17.45 – 18.35) Why and where? The bamboo age has begun REGISTER HERE

How is the bamboo world connected? Where are we going on our journey together? Has the Bamboo Age Begun? What does INBAR, the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization, offer us? Why and where will the WBO World Bamboo Organization hold its next event? What will the German Bamboo Day bring us on November 23?

17.45 - 17.55: International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

17.55 - 18.10: Susanne Lucas – Executive Director – World Bamboo Foundation:

The World Bamboo Exchange: A bamboo bridge. READ MORE

18.10 - 18.20: The City of Dortmund. City of sustainability.

18.20 - 18.30: Iraklis Kalamenios German Bamboo Days & European Bamboo Expo 2024.

18.30 - 18.35: Tobias Jost (AFIZ) Closing words from the organizers.

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