European Bamboo Expo 2024


  • Pablo van der Lugt (Netherlands) Booming Bamboo Revisted – the (re)discovery of a sustainable material with endless possibilities READ THE ABSTRACT
  • Johan Gielis (Belgium) Bamboo is a remarkable, but not a miraculous plant READ THE ABSTRACT
  • Henri Potze (Bamboo VillageNetherlands) Carbon Sequestration Using Bamboo Trees READ THE ABSTRACT
  • Natalia Reategui Echeverri (Peru) Bamboo Shoots, a Superfood Market Overseen in Europe? READ THE ABSTRACT
  • Selim Reza (International Bamboo and Rattan Organization / INBAR – India) Bamboo Multi-Supply Chains: Connecting Smallholder Farmers in the Circular Economy
  • Eva Samalea (AsIB | Asociación Ibérica del BambúSpain) AsIB and Bamboo Industry Developments in the Iberian Peninsula READ THE ABSTRACT
  • Bernice Dapaah (Ghana Bamboo Bikes – Ghana) Empowering Communities: Harnessing the Socio-Economic Potential of Bamboo to Prevent Environmental Degradation
  • Laure Julien (Studio TakéFrance) Studio Také: From Japanese Bamboo Art to European Designs
  • Mona Stoehr (Germany) Bamboo and Biodiversity: Case Study on the Bamboo Plantation’s Impact on Biodiversity (Vidigueira, Southern Portugal)
  • Rishi Ghotankar (Bamboo GenieIndia / UK) Why Bamboo Genie and Why India
  • Podium discussion: Integrating Bamboo into Circular Economies in Dortmund and Across European Regions
  • Jörg Stamm (Germany) Long, Light, and Strong: Bamboo in the Future of Design
  • Michel Abadie (World Bamboo Organization) Thirty-six Years on the Amazing Bamboo Road: Embracing the Plant of the Future. From the 2nd WBC Anduze (France) 1988 to the 12th WBC Taiwan 2024
  • Kjell Tahon (BambooLogic Netherlands) Overcoming Challenges in Establishing a European Bamboo Industry
  • William Richards (Team ThreeUnites States of America / France) Bamboo Contemporary: Green Houses Around the Globe READ THE ABSTRACT
  • Ms. Jo Leung (China) Bamboo International (Group) Co. Ltd.
  • Charles Koojo Amooti (International Bamboo and Rattan Organization / INBAR – Uganda) Experience, Opportunities, and Challenges in Bamboo Industry and Supply Chain Development in Uganda
  • Vinc Math (Germany / United States of America) Bamboo Across Borders: Unveiling International Challenges in Construction Standards
  • Christian Wiesbeck (Germany) Decoding Regulations: Challenges and Solutions for Bamboo Building in Germany
  • Eduardo Salas Delgado (Spain / Colombia) Technological Innovation. Bamboo Architecture and Engineering
  • Kika Zdziarska (Polen) Building Bonds, Building Safety: A Bamboo Pavilion Fostering Communities of Care. A Blueprint for Co-Creation, Sustainability, and Empowerment
  • Nicholas Kaspareck (Italy / Nicaragua) KuNa – Bamboo Homes for Everyone
  • Podium discussion: Untangling Challenges in Bamboo Construction Regulations

If you’re interested in exhibiting, there are still a few spots available for exhibitors. You can apply by clicking HERE.